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DIY – Relationship Registration Package

The following States that allow couples to Register their Relationship and the application fees are as follows:


State Registration Application Fee – *Includes Fee to obtain
your Registration Certificate
Processing Time with the State or Territory Government Residents Required
QLD $ 48.00* 10 Days 1 Only
NSW $218.00* 28 Days 1 Only
VIC $255.50* 28 Days 1 Only
ACT $ 39.00  1 Day 1 Only
TAS $245.00* 28 Days Both (Applicant and Sponsor)

We have designed an inexpensive and straight forward
solution to give you everything you and your partner need to get your
Relationship Registered for your Partner Visa or Visitor Visa Applications.

We currently offer our DIY – Relationship Registration
Packages for the following States and Territories:

V You and your Partner are:  V

  1. 18 years or older.
  2. Not married.
  3. Not in a relationship with any other
    person (other than your current partner)
  4. Not in a Registered Relationship with
    any other person.
  5. Not related by family to your partner
    (brother, sister, half-brother or half-sister).
  • Queensland – Requirements
  • Victoria – Requirements
  • Tasmania – Requirements
  • Australian Capital Territory – Requirements[MD2]

Select your State or Territory above to see if you can meet
the requirements to purchase the DIY – Relationship Registration Package for
your State or Territory Government.    ( –
Drop down menu by State above and their requirements – (see notes on the side).


Click Here to purchase your DIY –
Relationship Registration Package.

*Total Cost: Only $330 Includes ($300 + GST$30)


Australia’s form of Government is made up of the Federal
Government, Six State Governments and 2 Territory Governments. States and
Territory Governments that Register Relationships have different requirements for
their applications and different documents to meet their requirements.

You can Register your Relationship with a State or Territory
Government and then provide your Relationship Registration Certificate to the
Department of Immigration with your Partner Visa application.

De facto (not
married), either Heterosexual or Sam Sex couples,
who have been in a relationship for less
than 12 months
at the time they apply for the Partner Visa may waive
the 12-Month Relationship Requirement where they have had their Relationship
Registered at the time they apply for their Partner Visa application.

Your Relationship Registration should be completed before
lodging your partner application.

If you find yourself in an Emergency situation where your
current Visa is expiring before you can get your Relationship Registered and
your Partner application lodged we can assist in getting your application
lodged while still maintainint the waiver of the 12 month Relationship requirement
(It is highly advised that an experienced Registered Migration Agent be
instructed to undertake this type of application on your behalf).

In addition, people making a Visitor Visa application
under the Visitor Visa Family/Partner Sponsored Category (i.e. Sponsored by
your de facto Australian Partner for a Visitor Visa) often find it useful to obtain
Relationship Registration and a Relationship Registration Certificate as
further evidence of the required de facto
relationship as part of the de facto
Sponsorship portion of the Visitor Visa.



We have simplified the process of getting your relationship Registered
in your State or Territory.

Don’t get bogged down in a maze of government websites trying
to find answers to what you really need.

Our Relationship Registration Package has been customised to
your State of Residence and designed to give you straight forward solution and
comprehensive answers to the following questions…………..

  • Can you either apply online or by mail (or
    both) to Register your Relationship in your State or Territory?
  • If the application is by mail you will need a copy
    of the electronic and paper application straight away.
  • If the application can be made online you will
    need the link to the State or Territory Government Application Portal
    straight away.
  • Will you first need to Register your Relationship
    and then apply for your Certificate of Registration, or is it all one
    application in your State or Territory?
  • If you need to apply for a Certificate of Registration
    after Registering your Relationship, how do you do that?
  • What types of Identification and Proof of
    Residence documents do You and your Partner have to provide?
  • How do you get those documents Certified
    in your State or Territory?
  • What alternative documents can you provide?
  • What is the Fee and how do you Pay?
  • What is the latest Processing Time?
  • Who and where do you contact to check the
    progress of your application?


We continually review updates in the Law of all the State
and Territory Governments that offer Relationship Registration so that you are
provided with the latest information and required forms to Register your


Where a State or Territory Government allows you to do
either an online or Paper Form/Mail-based application we will give you both so
that you have the option that best suits you.


In addition to the above we also provide the following:

  • Your rights and obligations once you have your
    Relationship Registered.
  • How to Withdraw Registration of your Relationship
    + Application Form for a Withdrawal of a Registered Relationship
  • Free Software you can use to Compile your
    Documents, Shrink the size of your documents and Convert the file types of your
    documents to meet State or Territory Government requirements (where you are
    required to upload Identity and Residence documents to a Government online
    application Portal).
  • Statutory Declaration Template to enable you to
    make a statement if you are unable to obtain a necessary document that you have
    lost or no longer have. A Statutory Declaration may be taken in place of a
    required document for certain State or Territory Government Relationship Registration


Our DIY – Relationship Registration Package, gives you a
simple and quick solution for you and your Partner. We provide everything you
and your partner will need to enable you to Register your Relationship and obtain
your Relationship Registration Certificate, all combined and delivered straight
to your inbox.



Click Here to purchase your DIY – Relationship Registration Package.

*Total Cost: $330   — (includes $300 + GST$30)





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