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Most Australian States offer the ability to register your relationship. Once your relationship is registered your application will not be subject to the ordinary requirement that you must show that you have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months.

We can assist you with registering your relationship with the relevant state government where required.

You and your Partner must write statutory declarations outlining certain aspects of your relationship. In addition, Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents must support your application and attest to your genuine relationship by providing signed/witnessed Statutory Declarations on the approved government form.

You can organise your marriage ceremony at the relevant State Register, Further information in each state is available here

We can assist you with organising your ceremony whether that is a civil or religious ceremony.

You will need to prove your previous relationship is no longer ongoing. We will assess your circumstances an outline the best way to advise the Department.

Sponsorship limitations: You may not be able to sponsor your partner if you have previously sponsored 2 other partners for migration to Australia; or have sponsored another partner within the last 5 years or were sponsored as a partner yourself within the last 5 years;

You may still be permitted to sponsor your partner in compelling circumstances.

We can assess your circumstances and outline the evidence required to demonstrate to the Department that a sponsorship limitation should be waived in your circumstances.

Partner Visa Processing times are published by the Department of Immigration here

Visitor Visa Processing times are published by the Department of Immigration here

If your application has been refused and you are seeking to know if you should apply for a review or reapply for your visa please contact us and we will complete an eligibility assessment for you (charges apply).

Many aspects of the requirements for a partner visa are required to be satisfied at the time a decision is made on your application. Where you appeal a decision to refuse your visa evidence that may have been lacking in your original application or further evidence since your application was lodged, may be submitted to demonstrate that you meet the requirements.

We can assess your circumstances/reasons for refusal and advise you on how you may meet the requirements.

You will become eligible to apply for your permanent Partner Visa 2 Years after you applied for your Temporary Partner visa.

Ordinarily 22 Months after you have lodged your Temporary Partner Visa the Department of Immigration will contact you or your appointed representative to notify you that you can now complete the Permanent Partner Visa.

The Partner Visa application fee is $7715 + Department Credit Card Surcharge fee of $101.85 (1.32%)

Application fees information can be found here

Simply Contact Us and we will begin the processes of assessing your eligibility and provide you with your initial documentation to get started on your application.

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