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We offer a comprehensive start to finish service for applicants wishing to migrate to Australia based on their relationship with their Australian partner. Whether your application is straight forward or complex you can be assured that our experienced Solicitors, Registered Migration Agents and support staff can assist in all circumstances.

When you contact us we will begin by assessing your circumstances to ensure that you and your partner can meet the requirements. We will then advise you in writing of the legal requirements for your application and the documents that will be required to demonstrate to the Department of Immigration that you and your partner are eligible. We will then work with you and your partner to gather and check all documents to ensure that they meet the Department of Immigration requirements.

Together with your documents, and completed Sponsorship and Visa applications we will address your case for migration to Australia with professionally prepared legal submissions that address you and your partners circumstances and how you as individuals and as a couple meet the legal and policy requirements for Partner migration to Australia.

You can rest assured that with our experience we will make the application process straight forward and understandable.

Call us on 02 8042 8443 to get started on your application.

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