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Welcome to Partner Visas Australia, ‘Do it Yourself – Partner Visa Package. We have designed our Partner Visa Package to ensure a straight forward and all-inclusive guide for you and your partner.

Over 10 years in development, our Partner Visa Package includes; advice/instructions, required documentation lists, required forms and templates to enable you and your Partner to prepare and lodge your Partner Visa and Sponsorship applications.

Having lodged hundreds of applications for our clients over the last decade, while maintaining a more than 99% success rate, you can rest assured you will be receiving a state-of-the-art solution to enable you and your partner to prepare and lodge your Visa and Sponsorship applications.


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What’s included in your – Partner Visa Package


Advice,  Instructions , Templates and Required Documents

Advice and Instructions – Visa and Sponsorship Applications – Detailed Advice on Translations, Certifying your Documents, obtaining your Police Clearance Certificates, Organizing and linking your application to your Medical Examinations and advice on the application requirements and visa and sponsor obligations for both You and your Partner

Required Documents – Detailed list of the personal and relationship documents that will be required of you and your partner for your Visa and Sponsorship Applications.

Instructions for Relationship Statements/Statutory Declarations Template – This Template allows you and your partner to outline the important details of your relationship e.g. The Financial aspects of your relationship, the Social and Family recognition of your relationship and the nature of you and your partners exclusive and ongoing commitment. (Commonwealth Statutory Declaration Template – Alternative for the above Relationship Statements – Also included)

Cover Letter for Visa and Sponsorship applications – This Template summaries the aspects of you and your partners visa and sponsorship applications and enables your case officer to see how you meet the legal and policy requirements against which you will be assessed. It will also give your Case Officer a quick guide and overall picture of your relationship and how it relates to the legal requirements of the application.



Online Partner Visa Application

Online Sponsorship Application

Visa Application Form – mail/Postage based applications

Sponsorship Application Form- mail/Postage based applications

Form for Statutory Declaration made by your Australian family and friends attesting to the genuineness of your relationship

Character / Personal Particulars Form

Notification of change in your Circumstances – Form for notifying the department should your circumstances change after you have lodged your application (change of address, contact details, new job etc).

Notification of incorrect answer given in an application or document – Form for notifying the department of an incorrect answer you have provided in your application.

Form for notifying the Department of Immigration of a change in your contact details should you change addresses or simply want your correspondence sent to a different address

or updating your Passport

Form to appoint a representative or someone to receive correspondence on your behalf

Form for any children included in the application where there is a biological parent from a previous relationship i.e. not the sponsoring partners biological child

Form for a Dependent adult over the age of 18 e.g. for Adult dependent child or dependent Parent included in your application

Form for Bridging Visa B application – should you need to seek permission to leave and re-enter Australia during the processing of your application

*All our forms are regularly checked and updated so that you are provided with the latest form the department requires you to use.


Here is a brief list of whats included in your Package

Information on Personal Identifiers (DNA, Iris and Finger Print Collection) and Polio Vaccination that is required of applicants from certain countries.

Information on obtaining the right to leave and reenter Australia during the processing of your application (Bridging Visa B).

What Documents your have to supply if you have previously been married/divorced, changed your name or served in the military

What to do when your circumstances change (change of address or phone number,change of employer/job, becoming pregnant during your application, birth of a child

Advice and application forms to obtain Citizenship and an Australian Passport for your a new born child – where the visa applicant and sponsor has had a child during the processing of their Partner Sponsorship and Visa applications while in Australia.


Additional Information Provided

Partner Visa and Sponsorship Interview Questions – Should you and your partner ever be requested to be interviewed by the Department of Immigration we have compiled a list (from our experience with our clients) of questions likely to be asked by the interviewer.

Gathering and Compiling your Documents – We will show you how you can electronically compile your documents into single files, to shrink the size of your documents and to change the format of your documents so that they can be accepted by the departments online portal.

Life in Australia Book (Required reading before signing the online declaration at the end of your application)

Hints and Tips Sheet for your online application- Provides useful answers to commonly encountered problems to assist you in completing the Online visa and Sponsorship Applications, such as; what to put in the application – if you don’t know certain information: such as a relatives details, a dates for travel, work history etc. How do you progress to the next screen if you don’t know the required information. What you are required to do after you application is lodged when you don’t know certain details.


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