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Relationship Registration for Partner Visas

Partners who have had their Relationship Registered (at the time the apply for a Partner Visa) by an Australian State or Territory Government are not required to show that they have been in a de facto relationship for 12 months when they lodge their Partner Visa application with the Department of Immigration. Therefore,  Couples who will have been in a de facto relationship for less than 12 months (either heterosexual or same sex relationships) at the time they apply for their Partner visa must first have their Relationship Registered by a relevant State or Territory Government.

Often you have to Register your Relationship and then apply for your Certificate of Registration. Your Certificate of Registration is what you submit with your Partner Visa application.

The Processing time for your Relationship Registration and for the receipt of your Certificate of Relationship Registration varies between State and Territory Governments, but generally it can take up to 4-6 weeks. (See below – Processing Time for Registration of Relationship)

Each State and Territory Government has different rules for Registering a Relationship and different documents depending on the State or Territory Government you intend to register your relationship with.

You must currently not be married or in a relationship with any other person other than your partner.

Only one State/Territory government (Tasmania – TAS) requires both you and your partner to be both currently living in the State you intend to have your relationship registered in (i.e. this would require a Partner Visa Applicant (and Sponsor) to live in Tasmania to have their Relationship Registered).

Most State and Territory governments (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory) allow you to register your relationship with only one Australian resident, i.e the Australian Sponsor can be the Australian resident for the purpose of Registering your Relationship. (See below – Residents Required).


The following States that allow couples to register their relationship and the application fees are as follows:


State Registration Application Fee – *Includes Fee to obtain your Registration Certificate Processing Time with the State or Territory Government Residents Required
QLD $ 48.00* 10 Days 1 Only
NSW $218.00* 28 Days 1 Only
VIC $255.50* 28 Days 1 Only
ACT $ 39.00  1 Day 1 Only
TAS $245.00* 28 Days Both (Applicant and Sponsor)
NT ——
WA ——
SA ——
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